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Templates and free privacy policies are non-compliant. We help you save time and generate a custom privacy policy according to your personal data practices. Built for non-lawyers. GDPR-ready.

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Save your time, money and reputation

Ligalio privacy policy generator is an easy-to-use and cost-effective self-help tool built by experts. You can get your customised privacy policy in less than 20 minutes.

Privacy policy in 3 simple steps

Answer questions about your business

Tell us about your business and the personal data you use. For example, what personal data do you collect when receiving payments, sending email newsletters or creating user profiles.

Generate your privacy policy

Ligalio privacy policies are easy-to-read and show your data practices in very high detail. Generate your custom privacy policy in HTML, text or markdown format.

Add it to your website or app

Copy and paste the generated privacy policy to your website or app. Works with any website or eCommerce platform. And the best part, you can keep your privacy policy forever!

Don't leave your business's compliance to chance

Comply with GDPR and avoid fines

If you don't comply with the GDPR, you may face a fine of up to €20 million or 4% of global revenue (whichever is higher), plus any compensation for damages that your users may claim.

Tailored for your business

With Ligalio, you can create a privacy policy that closely reflects your data practices and explains them to your clients in an easy-to-understand manner.

Save time and money on legal documents

Get your privacy policy in less than 20 minutes at a price that is less than your lawyer's hourly rate. Spend the rest of your time on growing your business.

For all kinds of businesses

Ligalio privacy policy generator is customised for all business needs so you can comply with the GDPR and fulfil 3rd party requirements fast.

eCommerce stores

eCommerce websites often use personal data such as contact details, payment details, and delivery address, which require having a privacy policy.

Business websites and blogs

Business websites and blogs often collect personal data via contact forms, live chats, newsletters, or analytics, which require having a privacy policy.

SaaS and web apps

When offering subscription services, you often collect customer personal data (emails, names, surnames, addresses), so you must have a privacy policy.

iOS and Android apps

Google Play Store and App Store both require having a privacy policy. Also, GDPR and other laws require a privacy policy if your app processes personal data.

Simple pricing, for everyone

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Customers love Ligalio

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    • I liked Ligalio, primarily because it generated a privacy policy that matched my business practices the best. It is also easy-to-understand, especially if you have no legal background. 10 out of 10 for the Ligalio team!

      Founder of Vectormine
    • I tried several tools and Ligalio produced the highest quality privacy policy (especially the data tables) at a fraction of the cost that my lawyer would charge. Since I don't process lots of data, I generated my policy in less than 15 minutes.

      Founder of Claivo
    • The process was seamless! Our Shopify store now has a professional privacy policy that gives our customers confidence in their purchases. We highly recommend Ligalio to any business looking to enhance its online security and privacy efforts.

      Founder of Bee In
    • Easy to use and practical solution. No prior legal knowledge is needed. I got my privacy policy within 15 minutes. Very helpful for a startup facing constant change and frequently needing to update the privacy policy. Definitely worth the price!

      Founder of Hyperjob
    • We used Ligalio to generate a privacy policy for a mobile app. The process was simple and efficient, and the result was a professional and well-crafted document that gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

      Founder of WSWCF
    • We were looking for a privacy policy corresponding to all our requirements and SaaS product specifics. We generated our privacy policy remotely and quickly. It covered all the relevant aspects, even those we hadn’t considered.

      Founder of Finday

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