Building Ligalio: 2022 Recap and Plans For 2023

Building Ligalio: 2022 Recap and Plans For 2023 - Ligalio

Let's kick off this blog post with 2022 Ligalio highlights:

  • 🚀 4.4k website visitors: top sources are Google (SEO + Google Ads), and LinkedIn.
  • 🚀 238 registered users: mainly from special promotions, incubators, events, and organic traffic. We also got valuable feedback from many of our early adopters.
  • ✏️ €8500 prize money: during the last 12 months, we participated in 3 different startup competitions and in all of them finished in the top 3.
  • 👢 100% bootstrapped: So far, our operations have been very lean, total investment €3k. Staying lean was possible with state grants and local incubator support.

Plans for 2023

Now that we have an MVP and some user feedback, we will focus on the following:

  • Product market fit. We want to test a few client segments - startups, mobile apps and eCommerce. For these clients, many service providers require a privacy policy, e.g. payment service providers, app stores etc. Also, these business types typically process a lot of personal data.
  • Product Hunt launch. It should be launched in Jan or Feb 2023. The main goal is to get more users and feedback from them.
  • Geo expansion. For many of our clients, our product is needed in English and their local language. We intend to release a new language very soon, and the goal is to have a few languages working by the end of 2023.
  • Improve UX and brand. We are working on improving the UX and clearly explaining why businesses should use our privacy policy generator rather than free versions, templates or other generators.
  • Fundraising. The main part is to get traction and understand the right direction for our product. Then we will be looking to raise money.

We will do more frequent updates from now on. Stay tuned for another update in a month.

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